Ski Shipping

Ski Shipping & Snowboard Shipping

Ski Shipping
Ski and Snowboard vacations come with the need to haul a lot of gear and luggage to the airport. At Luggage Ahead, we can pick up your Skis, snowboard, and related items and have it waiting for you at most ski destinations around the world. Imagine arriving at the resort or lodge and having your skis there ready to hit the slopes!

When you travel on airlines with your skis, it’s always a difficult process.  Airlines charge extra for luggage that’s considers odd sized or oversized.  Compare that to the convenience of using Luggage Ahead to ship skis directly to your destination.  It’s easier, much more reliable, and in many instances less expensive than airline extra freight.

Luggage Ahead insures all gear for $500 per piece. We also provide delayed shipment insurance for ski rentals should there be any unforeseen delays. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are covered after your long trip to your destination. Your skis and snowboards can be shipped in soft carry cases. Just leave the rest of to us.

To book Ski Shipping and Snowboard Shipping order here or call us at 888-395-4410.

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Large Bag (65 lbs.)
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Golf bag- Standard
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Ski-Boot bag

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"The convenience and freedom that shipping my luggage ahead has provided is truly fantastic. I'm hooked!"

- John LeClair, NHL Hockey Legend

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